Everything you require to create, release, and scale your application, along with complete network, dependability, and support, in order to expand your business with QUICK SMS NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED


Pay only for active services with a per-minute billing facility.


Change configurations in Seconds, even after deployment.


99.9% availability of Infrastructure with a guarantee.


CPUs and SSDs that perform better in benchmarks.

Our Clients

Cloud Solutions that Increase Productivity and Provide a Sense of Security

Zapim – QUICK SMS NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED exists to assist its clients which makes it the Smart SMS cloud solution in India. Thousands of organizations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and individuals depend on us to optimize their time, efforts, and money so they can concentrate on their objectives and expand their businesses.

The Zapim platform provides >99.9% uptime, super-fast page loads, proactive app tracking, dedicated workflows, industry-leading security, Zapim add-ons, and 24/7 premium support.

We are proud of our outstanding value for the money, an extensive selection of plans, and industry-leading customer service ratings.

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Quit worrying about cloud hassles and focus on your dreams

With our hassle-free managed hosting, you can focus on growing your agency or eCommerce business while saving time and money.

Being a Smart SMS cloud solution in India, our passion is developing clever, user-friendly technology and offering our clients round-the-clock, industry-leading service.

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No hidden charges, no lock-in, and a uniform price for all data centers.

Open-Source technologies that deliver superior performance power the platform.

Start small and gradually expand as you advance.

Premium human support 24/7/365.

Our Solution for all your needs

We Have the Answers to All Your Business Needs because we are the Smart SMS cloud solution in India. Take advantage of top-notch security, unwavering dependability, and simple server administration.

Choose the right for you

Register and access our admin panel and design the cloud infrastructure as you require.

Get Best-in-Class Support that Performs as Your Team

Standard Assistance

For the vast majority of Zapim clients, Standard Support is adequate. It has unlimited access to Live Chat help for any Zapim Platform action and is free. A Support Team member who has undergone extensive training receives every request.

Advanced Support

Advanced Assistance is the answer if your needs have gone beyond a standard support arrangement. With this addition, response times are sped up, and Zapim's area of expertise is broadened. In addition to other things, you get professional advice, deeper application debugging, customization help, and proactive monitoring.

Premium Support

This add-on offers an even deeper relationship with Zapim if your business manages mission-critical sites where every second matters. Get all the advantages of Advanced Assistance plus even quicker response times, a dedicated Account Manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone support.


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We value your trust.

Nothing but the finest service! Our hosting solution, including all of our ground-breaking ideas. Our clients will vouch for us as how we help them reach their goals. Check out what they say about us.


WhatsApp and RCS via Zapim increased our conversion and click-through rates. It was quick and easy to set up and utilize. The comprehensive functionality of our new channels has helped us promote our new product better and foster more participation.

James Edwards
Web Developer

We must choose the top WhatsApp Business Solutions supplier, and Zapim met all the criteria. Due to their expertise, knowledge, and big global clientele, they were the perfect partner.

Daniel Rogers
Web Developer

We are ecstatic with the service and SMS/USSD solutions they provided. We intend to use other Zapim products in the future because they excel at many things.

Hanna Webb
Web Developer

Excellent pricing performance

Rates are not a restriction, and you are free to design any combination you like. Try our cloud products for free for 30 days.