Enhance Web and App Usage with Live Chat Customer Support with best of the Chatbot Services in India by Zapim.

Offer real-time information and assistance via a chatbot or live agent directly from your website or mobile app to increase the number of deals you close.


Why not Convert enthusiasm into action. It’s one thing to get folks to visit your website or app. Another is to convert them into clients. You can increase the efficiency of your website and application. To engage, convert, and keep more customers, integrate live chat into your marketing strategy.

Build and monitor, and secure your apps for less

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Unconditional Support

24/7 service is provided for all Chatbot Services in India.

Unlimited Communication Channels

Install the chatbot on as many of your chosen channels as possible.

Code-free interface

Just drag & drop, build and test the chatbot on one platform without knowing any programming languages.

Intelligent Assistance

Live-agent takeover in contextual conversation.

Join, assist, and participate

Give constant, uninterrupted client service. To improve each touchpoint along the whole customer journey, combine chatbot automation and live agent takeover.

First impressions are crucial

By being available for them right away, you can convert one-time visitors into worthwhile leads. When it counts most, answer questions and provide assistance.

A shopping assistant you know and trust

Don’t let customers leave empty-handed because you failed to meet their needs. Make Live Chat your ever-ready buying assistant, ready to lead customers through the purchasing process.

Decrease workload and Boost effectiveness

With Zapim’s chatbot services in India you can use a chatbot, predefined buttons, routing, and other methods to quickly resolve issues, you may decrease the time to resolution, cut expenses, increase productivity, and please your consumers.

Quick Questions

Customers can connect with chatbots via text or speech on various platforms, such as websites, Facebook Messenger, phones, other applications, or voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

It’s crucial to realise that there are two categories of chatbots: those with queries and responses hardcoded in and those with machine learning capabilities.

Rule-based and AI-based chatbots are two different varieties.

With a rule-based chatbot, potential user questions and responses are predetermined in advance. The chatbot cannot assist in providing an answer to a question that has not been previously defined.

The quality and structure of the data provided for question answering are two highly essential factors for the overall functioning of a chatbot. Knowledge Graphs can help in this situation.

A unique form of knowledge representation is known as a knowledge graph. It preserves information as edges connecting graph nodes or facts. The schema of the data is also typically stored in knowledge graphs. With vast and complicated data structures, in particular, knowledge graphs reach their full potential.

Chatbots are useful in a wide range of fields and situations. Although they are well known for their ability to offer top-notch customer care, chatbots are also quite effective in marketing and sales.

Before putting a chatbot into use, consider the following question:

How frequently does your business interact directly with customers?

Do recurrent demands come into your customer service department frequently?

How detailed are the requirements from your customers?

Which channels do your customers prefer for communication?

What additional value can a chatbot offer your company?