With RCS Business Messaging, Create a Memorable Brand Experience. The next iteration of SMS offers sophisticated functionality similar to that of a mobile app in texts. Nothing to download or install. simply tapping.


Every touchpoint is important, so try to impress wherever you can. Make each interaction matter. Increase customer satisfaction, conversation rates, and engagement by utilising the potential of RCS Business Messaging.

Build and monitor, and secure your apps for less

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Android Friendly

RCS conversation is now accessible from anywhere in the world for all users that install and use Android Messages as their main texting application.

Live Streaming

Audio and video streaming.

Graphics Richness

Access a wider selection of emojis and send images that are larger and of greater quality.

Great Chat Capability

Improve the capability of group chat.

Commercial messages with a brand

The fastest possible delivery of your message with the least amount of latency is made possible by smart routing and redundant connectivity.

Present rich media experiences

By sending enhanced messages they can believe in, you can strengthen your brand and communication with your audience. Add your brand’s name, logo, videos, photos, and carousels to your offers to maximise conversions.

Identify, attract, and sell

Sending interesting, conversational RCS messages that can boost your sales will help you be distinctive and stand out from the crowd.

You decide

RCS Business Messaging API should be integrated into your current system. Don’t just make it a channel: With Infobip Moments, Conversations, and Answers, you can gain total access to a world of consumer involvement.

Quick Questions

An updated version of SMS called RCS (Rich Communication Services) enables message senders to brand their messages, distribute rich media, and gather data.

Brands may communicate with their customers in an interesting way with the help of RCS Business Messages. With features that today’s digital-first users are accustomed to, the application substantially improves the messaging experience. RCS Business Messages also offers useful information that organisations can use to assess the success of their messaging campaigns and develop clever plans for guiding clients along the sales funnel.

Mobile network service providers are now able to send RCS messages instead of SMS Text Messages due to the rise in the use of WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Google. As opposed to an SMS’s text-only messaging option, users of RCS Business Messages can take advantage of the feature-rich messaging capabilities of RCS, including image and video sharing. Furthermore, the user does not have to download an OTT app or set up an account in order to access RCS content because it is sent across the cellular network natively. As a result, both enterprises and end consumers can benefit from using RCS as a messaging platform.

Apple has expressed interest in introducing RCS, despite the fact that its devices do not now support RCS Business Messages. A new upgrade is therefore anticipated. To learn more, keep an eye on this space.

Due to the encryption used, RCS messages offer a higher level of security than SMS messages currently do.

With the use of extensive promotional efforts, two-way communications, and a controllable customised strategy, enterprises may deliver an engaging CX. In the end, this raises the likelihood of cross-selling, read rate, and engagement. Businesses can get rid of landing pages with the help of their in-app browser capability. To stay in touch with clients around-the-clock, it also offers fallback options, including SMS service and chatbot integrations powered by AI and ML.