Utilizing the Telegram Chat API, engage in interactive and secure business messaging with Telegram service in India.

It goes without saying that Telegram is quick to set up, completely secure, user-friendly, and offers chatbots that are simple to create.


You may have secure interactions with 500 million users globally, thanks to the security at your disposal. Zapim offers full conversational Telegram service in India with it’s Answers and Conversations, and you can receive Telegram with it.

Build and monitor, and secure your apps for less

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Multiple modes of Interaction

Sending and receiving through Text, Images, Documents, Audio, Video.

Centralize system

The team can manage all Telegram communications from a single workspace where they have access to discussion history, customer profiles, message templates, and more in order to provide personalized service.

Easy switch of Bot to Human

Make a Telegram chatbot to react to regularly asked queries that will allow users to switch to live agents without losing the context of prior interactions.

Big File Transmission

Users can share or transmit files up to 2GB in size.

Involvement without delay

Create a bot. Sign up for Zapim Telegram service in India now. That’s it; you’re all set to talk. Easy pleasures, give your clients the same option.

Each is safe and encrypted.

You can communicate sensitive information like account data without fear because all conversations are highly secured and encrypted. Safeguard confidential data.

Give the bot the job; he will be there for you at all times

You can showcase your goods and interact with a variety of individuals around the world by using the large range of media options that your chatbot can provide. Automate communication to save time for the staff handling customer service.

Develop lasting partnerships

For any difficult inquiries? Give agents immediate access to the whole chat history so they can take control of the conversation. A strong connection is built on trust.

Quick Questions

The live agent connected with the Telegram For Business API is functional.

When you first use Route Mobile’s Telegram for Business, we store data for 3 months in active mode and afterward in passive mode. You can also move your existing data from your prior provider at this time.

Yes, creating a Telegram For Business account requires a mobile phone number.

Compared to widely used chat platforms like WhatsApp and Line, Telegram For Business is more secure. Its foundation is a set of tried-and-true algorithms that combine security with high-speed distribution and resilience over sluggish connections.

We support secure encryption with two levels. Personal and group conversations in Cloud Conversations use server-client encryption, whereas Secret Chats provide an additional layer of client-to-client encryption. No matter what type they are, text, media, and files are all protected the same way.

Bots, often called chatbots, are little programmes that operate inside Telegram For Enterprise. Third-party developers built them using the Telegram For Enterprise Bot API.

Bots for Telegram for Business are easy to create, but some programming experience is required. Start with our Introduction for Developers if you’re sure of your skills.

Yes. Bots are just like any other users you could meet in a group situation, including real people. Your verified account, username, profile pictures, and any communications you send to them are the only things they can access. They need your phone number before they can view it, and you need to provide them with your last seen information before they can see your phone number.

No. Though we occasionally create bots, we only have a few official bots for specialised uses. The Telegram For Business Bot platform and API is used by third-party developers to build bots.