To communicate with customers around the world, use the most reputable and well-liked messaging service by Zapim, India’s fast SMS company, the oldest Bulk SMS service provider in India, and the best otp service provider in India. We actually send over a billion messages per year thanks to our ecosystem of global telco partners, which is connected to xx percent of mobile devices worldwide. Utilize Zapim’s industry-leading platform to communicate with individuals everywhere in the world using a single interface.


If you are looking for a trustworthy Bulk SMS marketing company India, use the most dependable and well-liked messaging solution to communicate with customers globally. Send messages through our ecosystem and connect with people worldwide via a single interface using Zapim’s market-leading platform which is a leading SMS marketing agency in India.

Build and monitor, and secure your apps for less

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Ensure Trusts

Sms provider in India like Zapim assists businesses in improving their customer interactions, building trust, and preventing scams.


SMS api provider India like Zapim ensures security in the message thread, users can see the sender's business name, logo, and verification badge.


Being an expert in bulk sms service provider in India Zapim process works by individually confirming each message sent by a specific business.


It is available to all users worldwide who use Android devices with the Google Messages application to manage their SMS messages. The best otp service provider in India ensures Accessibility for your users.


Zapim, a renowned SMS Marketing agency in India,ensures, the fastest possible delivery of your message with the least amount of latency is made possible by smart routing and redundant connectivity.

A qualitative network's effectiveness

Including a single, uniform API into your business processes is simple. You will access our infrastructure with xx direct eco-operator in xx nations. The result is communication that has high reliability and low latency. Easy to do. Safeguards have been taken. It spans nations.

The benefit of data insights

You get access to real-time analytics, including delivery records, to better serve your consumers by knowing what they have received.

We meet the security requirements set forth by your clients.

Your customers are protected by enhanced identification features, including verified SMS, dynamic sender IDs, secure authentication tools, 2FA, and one-time tokens.

Quick Questions

Zapim Telecom’s servers offer cloud-based SMS services over the internet. It suggests that hosting and running the program do not necessarily require your own on-premise servers. It supports the creation of channels for intelligent and user-friendly contact with your customers.

You can establish international communication lines and effectively communicate with your clients by integrating our SMS service into your company. Through two-way communication, your messaging system can be customized.

For SMS that needs to be delivered promptly, low latency is crucial. For instance, two-factor authentication and quick delivery are crucial to the end-user in banking applications.

Zapim’s Short Message Service for A2P Campaigns handles every SMS transaction between the operator and the end-user. To assure delivery, businesses can time stamp messages. They can also save messages if the end user’s phone is offline or unavailable.

  • Detailed Analytics Report
  • Message Resubmission as a Result of Errors
  • A scalable network that can counter traffic upswings.
  • makes it easier to counter-message traffic upswings
  • Support for Various Message Formats and Languages
  • Personalized marketing and customer profiling
  • Throughput and Throttling  are customizable  
  • Customizable CDRs
  • Rules for Customized Spam that Offer Customer Security
  • Resolution MNP Long-form HLR Lookup