Transactional SMS

To improve customer interaction-special, effective and speedy tools are available in the market that automates SMS services. These SMS services are called Transactional SMS.

Transactional bulk SMS in India offers an automated SMS service that enables businesses to promptly reach their registered customers, boosting daily sales and revenue. These services are convenient and valuable as they offer real-time alerts, OTP SMS, and confirmations for bookings and orders. They also help in various other processes like- order processing, e-Commerce, shipping and delivery updates, banking transactions, account creation, and much more. All this is possible through transactional SMS provider India has like Zapim.

Why do we use Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS are messages used only as informative service messages like railway reservations, bank account details, and ATM transaction details. These messages can send only personal and confidential information to organizations like banks, railways, and other e-commerce platforms. These Transactional bulk SMS in India send messages through a transactional account called sender ID. Additionally, there is no time limit for sending these SMS.


Delivery on All Numbers

Transactional sms provider India like Zapim has a feature of delivering to any numbers, both DND and NON-DND numbers. Thus, this kind of SMS is used to send important information to all the registered customers.

No Time Bound

Transactional bulk sms in India can be delivered at any time. In addition, 24 x 7 alerts and reminders can be sent across our platform and instantly delivered to the registered customers.

On Template Basis

To send Transactional SMS, you must design the Normal Template or Premium SMS Template. These templates can be used when the admin approves them.

Send an SMS using Brand Name

Send SMS to your registered customers using your Brand or Company's name. That helps the customer to recognize your business brand through the verified SMS instantly they receive on mobile phones.

Benefits of Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS provider India like Zapim provides few benefits of transactional SMS messages your businesses can use to send your customers.

Order status

A widespread transactional SMS e-commerce consumers receive order status texts. The customers receive updates about their order's shipment, like processing of shipment, where it is held, shipped and en route.

Send Receipt

Receipts that can be sent through email or SMS are standard among eCommerce brands and businesses. Just like SMS shipping updates, customers have the freedom to choose to have an eCommerce brand text you your Receipt along with the hardcopy. That makes it convenient to see, save, and organize receipts on their phone for future references.

Recurring billing

Businesses can use transactional SMS services to send informative messages like recurring bills to their registered customers. That will keep the customers updated about their upcoming monthly bills due.

Notification of delivery status

Transaction SMS can be sent to the customers to update them about their orders' delivery status. These notification messages provide an excellent opportunity to ask customers for feedback regarding the shipping process, the products, or your communication. These SMS can also be used to thank them for their business or ask them to review you online.

Quick Questions

Transactional SMS automated messages are usually meant for non-marketed and non-promotional activities. The action of the registered customers triggers these text messages to convey personalized details and transactions happening between the business and the customer.

Transactional SMS is an excellent and easy way for businesses to remind their customers about their booking status, confirmations and cancellation regarding flights, hotel stay, confirmations or other activities.

Transactional SMS is used by businesses to send OTPs to their registered customers to maximize the security of their platform. These customers can get verified with the help of automated OTPs for actions like sign-ins and online payments.

Transactional SMS cannot be used for advertising your products or services. Instead, these automated messages provide value to your customers with personalized and unique text messages. You can send messages regarding discount coupons and ongoing offers.

No! In fact, businesses prefer to adopt transactional SMS into their framework. These messages provide a cost-effective approach to direct communication with the customers. It also helps to positively impact your overall revenue due to better delivery, regular reminders, informative messages, engagement, and customer retention.

Transactional account has no restrictions. You can send text messages to any mobile phone at any time of the day. Further, these text messages are sent from a Sender ID of your choice with your brand/business’ name. That makes communications between the sender and customer professional and easily identifiable.