With WhatsApp Business, you can create complete customer journeys. 68 percent of WhatsApp users believe it to be the simplest method of contacting companies. We are here to help you communicate with your consumers on their preferred app at every touchpoint as your best Whatsapp API provider in India


Zapim is the foundation for conversational customer experiences and the best Whatsapp API provider in India.Connect with your consumers throughout their entire journey with marketing messages, helpful notifications, and always-on assistance on the app that 2B people use every day. Prepare to talk with your consumers throughout their whole journey if you own a medium-sized or large business and are in line with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

Build and monitor, and secure your apps for less

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Business profile and verified sender.

High Engagement

To keep customers interested, improve communication by adding files, contacts, website connections, audio files, and buttons.

Centralized Process

The team can control every WhatsApp chat from a single workspace where they have access to discussion history, client profiles, message templates, and more in order to provide personalised support.

Review Outcomes

Utilize the dashboard to review outcomes.


Make sure that communications are cohesive and individualised by using templates.

Easy switch to Live Agents

Make a chatbot to react to WhatsApp's most frequently asked queries and give users a way to switch to live agents without losing the context of the conversation.

Track Conversation

Recognize the intervals at which communications are spoken, read, and delivered. To track and improve performance, get reports on customer service representatives.

Tagging with Ease

Conversations can be tagged.

Keep a connection to the environment you are in

Increasing customer satisfaction is not challenging. The majority of people (64%) prefer messages to calls or emails. Today, you can communicate with customers using WhatsApp in 60 different languages and 180 different countries.

Converting and selling should be made simpler and faster

Make customised, one-of-a-kind advertising. Customers will be more interested in your business if you give them notifications about your most recent promotions, things that are returning to stock, or exclusive discounts. Make sure you specifically ask them to register!

Be prepared at all times

Technology should be used to your benefit! By automating your communication on WhatsApp with chatbots, you may provide self-service choices. Reduce costs while boosting agent production.

Obtain the confidence of your clients

If you add WhatsApp to your hotline, your employees will be able to easily engage with customers while providing them with individualised assistance over numerous sessions.

Obtain access to the realm of client involvement

Use Zapim’s Moments, Conversations, and Answers to fully access a variety of client involvement, or incorporate WhatsApp Business API into your current framework.

We'll be here to help you

Being the best Whatsapp API provider in India, we are aware that establishing new communication channels is not always straightforward. Our regional teams are prepared to assist you with integration and orient you to the brand-new world of WhatsApp business API.

Quick Questions

An API-driven communication platform called WhatsApp Business Platform makes it possible for companies of all sizes to engage with customers globally.

In addition to better rich communication capabilities, intelligent message routing, improved brand identification, an AI-powered chatbot, and analytical analytics, WhatsApp Business Solutions also offers a variety of benefits.

The WhatsApp Business API is easy to understand and utilise. Set up your account, make your own WBS account, and sign a contract with the TEF to get started. Your phone number and display name must then be entered before you can approve messages on behalf of the request and finish the Facebook business verification procedure. A Facebook business verification request will then need to be made as the next step. After that, before going live, you’ll need to generate message templates and do beta testing.

Zapim’s WhatsApp Business Solution comes with numerous use cases that have become quite popular with businesses and companies.

Here are a few of the most common application scenarios:

  • Quick and simple assistance with ATMs.
  • Opening new accounts and user registration.
  • Without needing to make a phone call, orders for food and drinks can be placed using WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp Business Service is an excellent communication tool for connecting with your desired target market and clients. WhatsApp has become the most widely used over-the-top messaging network for connecting with potential customers, with over 2 billion daily active users across 180 countries.