For your clients, develop rich LINE messaging experiences for your operating business in Southeast Asia? The most well-liked chat app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia is Line Services, which will help you get closer to your clients.


In 230 countries, 194 million LINE users are accessible to you as you get closer. If you want to contact customers in South East Asia, Line Services is a need. You may deliver a delight to them. Engage people in a variety of ways, and at each stage, make them happy.

Build and monitor, and secure your apps for less

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Multiple modes of Interaction

Sending and receiving through Text, Images, Documents, Audio, Video.

Easy switch of Bot to Human

Make a Telegram chatbot to react to regularly asked queries that will allow users to switch to live agents without losing the context of prior interactions.

Centralize system

The team can manage all Telegram communications from a single workspace where they have access to discussion history, customer profiles, message templates, and more in order to provide personalised service.

Open LINE and take advantage of the opportunity right away

The majority of users (85%) use Line Services every day. Start a conversation with your official LINE account on the app that your clients prefer by introducing yourself. Pay it forward and build a devoted customer base.

Online activity and offline revenue

A fantastic sales offer is a one-of-a-kind offering. To increase sales and reward loyalty, share coupons, promo codes, and bargains. Customers love them. On LINE, marketing communications are read 70% of the time.

A hotline is a good idea

By helping, you can raise client contentment. For personalised support, use a chatbot that is available around-the-clock or one-on-one contact with an agent.

Use intelligent conversions

For your customers, creating happiness after a purchase works like magic. Send timely reminders and pertinent information to your clients’ phones. Automate the process to lessen the workload on your crew.

Assurance of delivery

Your message will always be delivered as promised because Line Services notification systems go back to SMS when WiFi isn’t available.

Obtain access to the realm of client involvement

Use Zapim’s Moments, Conversations, and Answers to fully access a variety of client involvement or include LINE API into your current framework.

Quick Questions

LINE is the most widely used messaging app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia if you want to communicate with clients in Southeast Asia.

You can connect with LINE however you like. You can incorporate LINE API into your present setup. You can transform Zapim’s into more than just a channel and have complete access to the world of end-to-end customer experience with Moments, Conversations, and Answers.

Texting on LINE is different from texting on regular phones in that it offers two different types of messages: one that lets you respond to incoming messages and events and another that lets you start a conversation.

  • Provide personalised customer service by chatbot or phone contact around-the-clock to increase client satisfaction.
  • Use the automated system for sending notifications and reminders to your clients to keep in touch and delight them after the sale.
  • The best thing is that you may send SMS to your consumers in the event of an internet outage, continuing to provide them with services and being available to them at all times.
  • On LINE, brand communications are read 70% of the time. Therefore, you can advertise to draw clients in with alluring offers, discounts, and discount codes.
  • Since 85% of LINE users use the app daily, it helps build a devoted consumer base and raise brand exposure.